Project Meetings

  • April 2018
    First project meeting in Lyon, around WWW'18

CISC : Certification of IoT Secure Compilation

The goal of the ANR CISC project is to investigate multitier languages and compilers to build secure IoT applications with private communication. In particular, we aim at extending multitier platforms by a new orchestration language that we call Hiphop.js to synchronize internal and external activities of IoT applications as a whole. Our goal is to define language, semantics, attacker models, and policies for the IoT and investigate automatic implementation of privacy and security policies by multitier compilation of IoT applications. To guarantee such applications are correct, and in particular that the required security and privacy properties are achieved, we propose to certify them using the Coq proof assistant. We plan to implement the CISC results as extensions of the multitier language Hop.js (developed at Inria), based on the JavaScript language to maximize its impact. Using the new platform, we will carry out experimental studies on IoT security.

CISC Members (permanent researchers):

Frédéric Besson (CELTIQUE, Inria)

Thomas Jensen (CELTIQUE, Inria)

Alan Schmitt (CELTIQUE, Inria)

Gérard Berry (Collège de France)

Ilaria Castellani (INDES, Inria)

Tamara Rezk (INDES, Inria), CISC Coordinator

Manuel Serrano (INDES, Inria)

Claude Castelluccia (PRIVATICS, Inria)

Daniel Le Métayer (PRIVATICS, Inria)

Other CISC Members: